everything you need to know about iv therapy & rejuvenate olympia.if you have any additional questions, please contact us.

IV therapy is a safe method to replenish fluids and nutrient with 100% availability electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Rejuvenate IV Hydration & Wellness Center has created specialized IV therapies to maximize your hydration, health, performance, and recovery. all of the ingredients are sourced from fda-approved facilities.

IV therapy typically takes thirty to forty five minutes, depending on the selected treatment. it provides “100% bioavailable nutrients” while flushing toxins and helping achieve balance quickly with lasting benefits for three to seven days. However, we recommend IV therapy no more than once a week, except for our pre- and post- therapies which can be administered before and after an event the same week.

Our staff is made up of highly-trained registered nurses with years of experience. Our professionals take the utmost care to ensure that your service exceeds expectations and is as safe as possible.

Typically there’s a little pinch where we place the IV. after that you may feel a coolness in your arm, but there should be no pain.

IV therapies are broken down into several categories: wellness, recovery, and performance. Based on your medical history and needs, our staff can provide a thorough explanation of the IV therapies we offer to help determine which is best for you. If you don’t see anything on our service menu that’s specific to your needs, our practitioners can tailor therapies to suit our individual needs. Contact us to maximize your health and wellness today.

Absolutely! Anyone can benefit from IV hydration. Our process ensures everyone who fills out our medical form is reviewed by our practitioners before treatment begins. There are times we have to turn people away because their medical history is not suited for our IV therapies. 

due to our current medical protocols, we do not treat pregnant women without their OBGYN’s referral and minors are treated on a case-to-case basis.

Our booster injections typically take a few seconds to administer. The results will vary based on current health but typically become noticeable within the first few hours after. The benefits will depend on the individual but typically last five to eight days on average.

Yes. In fact, this is the ideal recommendation. Boosters are a great way to extend your iv therapy by either adding med / mineral to any drip that does not already include it or with an injection in the muscle that will have a slower onset.

We accept walk-ins, but appointments are preferred and take priority.

We are not a substitute for medical attention, and we do not diagnose or treat any illness or disease. If you just require hydration or boosters, the difference between the emergency room and us is the cost and comfort. The average emergency room cost is high, and the wait time is long. IV therapies range from $60 to $209 and only take approximately thirty to forty-five minutes depending on the drip.

We do not require any testing before receiving the majority of our services, but our medical forms must be filled out prior to your appointment. If testing is required for the service you would like to receive, you will be informed prior to booking.

No, we do not accept any insurance at this time.

Medical consent forms and a health history questionnaire will need to be filled out prior to your services, as well as a covid-19 waiver for each appointment. these will be sent to your phone via our booking system.

We offer treatment only with written permission from your OBGYN . 

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